Friends –

Our southern Chester County Latino community has been enormously affected by the stepped-up Federal immigration enforcement efforts. There is a general sense of crisis, and some of our neighbors face removal from the country. Many more are afraid for themselves or for their undocumented loved ones.

You can help. We've set up Kennett Allies as a way to get funds to the immigrants at the center of the storm. We’ll take your donations and pass them directly on to the families of those who have been detained or are in removal proceedings, are represented by an attorney, and need money for bonds, filing fees, or incidental expenses. Immigration attorney Lindsey Sweet has agreed to collect requests and recommend payments, and we will make sure your money will go where it is most needed.

Please note that Kennett Allies was formed to address this urgent situation and has not been determined to be a tax-exempt entity, so your donation is NOT tax-deductible.

Thank you for your generosity.

Sally and Wayne Braffman

Michele Curay-Cramer and Ethan Cramer

Kennett Allies is an unincorporated nonprofit association formed on an emergency basis under Title 15 of the Pennsylvania Code by local civic leaders. Its purpose is to pool donations and distribute them to individuals and families immediately affected by the immigration crisis.

All funds will be distributed directly to recipients or to entities to which they owe payment. Any funds remaining after needs are met will be distributed to a qualified charitable non-profit.

Though Kennett Allies operations are entirely charitable, the association has not received an IRS determination and donations are NOT considered tax-deductible.

Please note: Because PayPal now restricts its donation format to 501(c )(3) organizations, your donation screen will refer to a “purchase” and an “item.”


Kennett Allies, c/o Braffman

472 E. South Street

Kennett Square, PA 19348